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The Rochester Jr. Americans are looking to fill vital roles during our game day experience. Volunteering for games is flexible and easy. Whichever games you’d like to participate in, you can sign up.

Various positions within the rink:

  • Ticket Taker
    • Accept cash for fans who walk through the door.
    • Scan of stamp hands of fans with online tickets
    • Check off names and give wristband to group outings.
  • Penalty Box
    • Open box door for penalties.
    • Move nets in and out of position for Zamboni to resurface
  • Goal Judge
    • This position is activating the goal light when the puck full crosses the goal line. This position assists the referee in calling calls.
    • There is no video review in the NAHL. The goal judge must be attentive to the game.
  • Camera Operator
    • The camera operator will run the game camera and film the action.
    • No experience is required for this position. The Rochester staff will set up the camera and will teach the operator everything they need to know.
    • Important for Hockey TV, videoboard, players tapes, scouting, and more.
  • Score board/score clock
    • Running the scoreboard in the arena.
    • Goals, shots, penalties, clock, and buzzer.
  • National Anthem Singer
    • The Jr. Americans are looking for a national anthem singer for various home games throughout the season.
    • Not all games are required but some consistency would be valued.
    • Also given free admission to the game.
  • Merchandise Seller
    • Take cash or credit to sell Jr. Americans merchandise
  • Youth Hockey Player of the Game
    • Each home game the Jr. Americans will showcase a Youth Hockey Player of the Game that will skate out with the team for the National Anthem.
    • Skates, Helmet and Youth Hockey Jersey required. This player is granted admission for the game.

If you or someone you know might have interest in these positions, they can call 908-200-5160 or email